Congratulations on being selected by your company to participate in PCL. It’s an important program designed for rising stars and we look forward to working with you. PCL leadership will review your application and you will hear back from us in October. As you apply, be aware that the opening retreat and graduation are both mandatory. If you are selected for the program, your company will be billed $2,500 to cover the program costs.

  1. Ask your sponsoring company executive or your supervisor to write a letter of recommendation. This letter can be emailed to 
  2. Now fill out the application below, paying particular attention to the attendance requirements. Look at the dates of meetings here to make sure that you can attend the opening retreat and graduation, and that you will not miss more than one of the other meetings through the session.
  3. Submit your application using the “submit” button at the end, or by mailing it to:

Project Corporate Leadership
1688 Chace Drive
Birmingham, AL  35244

Please confirm that your application was received by emailing Pamela Leonard.


Participant Commitment

Project Corporate Leadership (PCL) is an exciting and rewarding experience. As a participant you will have an opportunity to meet and interact with other managers and professionals in the Birmingham community. You will also visit some of the most well-known and respected Birmingham organizations and meet current political, educational, and community leaders.

In order for PCL to be completely successful, some guidelines have been established. They are in place to ensure that your PCL experience is as beneficial as possible. These guidelines are also designed for the respect of the speakers and classmates who are giving their time to be in the program.

Opening Retreat
Your PCL experience begins with a two-day mandatory opening retreat in early November.

Agendas and Communication
Please keep a close eye on email throughout the program year. You’ll receive agendas, location, parking instructions, speaker bios and assignments through email and we expect prompt responses when called for.

Your Commitment
We want you to fully enjoy the PCL experience and we ask that you help to create learning and buy-in to the experience by your conduct. It requires dedication and commitment on your part. Therefore, attendance requirements are strictly defined and enforced. Once session proceedings begin, participants will be counted absent if they are not in the working session. You are allowed the equivalent of one days’ absence for the entire PCL year. More than that maximum will result in expulsion from the PCL program. The Opening Retreat and Case Study Presentation (Graduation) days are mandatory.

Session dates are available for viewing here.

Those who miss any part of a day’s session (late arrival, taking a phone call or using devices while a speaker is speaking, or leaving the meeting early) will be issued ¼ absence for that session. You will need to plan so that your department can run in your absence for the PCL days. Those who miss an entire session will be issued 1 full absence. Most of our speakers are very senior and have left that senior position to spend time with us. We will give them our undivided attention so that we can learn from them, respect them, and so that they will come back when invited to next year’s class!

You will be divided into study groups, a favorite part of PCL for most participants. Note that full and enthusiastic participation in study group activities is absolutely required. Your study group may meet during PCL session breaks, or it may meet during other business hours, but it may also meet at other times, including evening or weekend times. Participants who do not attend and help their study group can be removed from the program before graduation.

If you know that you will be absent for a session (or for a portion of the session), please contact the program facilitator two weeks prior to your planned absence. This courtesy will allow the host company to have more accurate numbers for food preparation and room set-up.

Personal Data

Employment History


Organizations and Activities

By submitting this form, you are committed to following the guidelines above and understand that attendance at the opening retreat and graduation is required.