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A little over 30 years ago, Project Corporate Leadership was born. Since then, we have established lasting friendships among over 800 alumni – friendships that get good things done in the Birmingham area.

Each year, leading Birmingham companies choose a group of rising stars to participate in PCL, and the journey begins. Each month for 7 months, the group comes together, hosted by sponsoring companies. They spend time getting to know each other at an online retreat in November. They see the inside of Birmingham’s finest companies at the same time they are thinking about what needs to improve in and around the city. They hear about the driving factors important to any city – education, governing, health and human services, and transportation. They study other cities and what has hurt or helped them. They divide into groups and compete to create the most meaningful service project. And then, they graduate and celebrate together in May.

We are led by our PCL Facilitator, Ms. Pamela Leonard, and an active Board made up of leaders in our sponsoring companies, many of whom are PCL alumni themselves.View a timeline of class activities here.

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